Abstract Submission

Abstract Submissions is now closed. You will find research on the following topics at Rhizosphere 4:

Symbiosis ● Root Turnover ● Nutrient Acquisition ● Signaling ● Root Development ● Rhizosphere Microbiome ● Engineering the Rhizosphere ● Rhizosphere and Climate Change ● Root-Root Interactions ● Food-Web Interactions ● Human Pathogens in the Rhizosphere ● New Concepts and Methods in the Rhizosphere ● Below and Above Ground Interactions ● Water Relations ● Rhizo Remediation and Fate of Pollutants ● Metabolomics ● Root Endophytes ● Towards Application

Abstract submission is closed.
For questions on abstracts, please contact us via submissions@rhizo4.org 

You're abstract has been submitted for one of the following categories:

  • Oral presentation: an oral presentation in one of the parallel sessions.
  • Poster presentation: a poster presentation during one of the poster sessions. Check the poster guidelines for more information.
  • Poster pitch: besides the 'regular' poster presentation during one of the poster sessions, you will have the opportunity to give a poster pitch during the poster pitches session. This short 2-minute pitch will be on stage and you are allowed a maximum of two slides for your presentation.

The Program Committee has reviewed all abstracts, taken into consideration the author's preference of presentation type. Abstracts have be accepted for oral, poster or poster pitch presentation. The Program Committee reserves the right to decide on the final form of presentation, which implies that the final assignment to an oral or a poster presentation might not be consistent with the expressed preference of the submitter. While we make an effort to consider the preferred presenation type this can - especially for the oral presentations - not be guaranteed.