C and N Cycling - Oral presentations

Below you find a list of the selected orals for the contributed session C and N Cycling. The session will take place on Wednesday 24 June, from 10am-12am.

Peatland organic chemistry differs with plant functional type composition
Bjorn Robroek*, Rémy Albrecht, Vincent Jassey [Switzerland]

The Bryosphere as a regulator of peatland carbon balance in response to climate warming
Vincent Jassey*, Constant Signarbieux, Alexandre Buttler, Bjorn Robroek [Switzerland]

Mapping soil carbon from cradle to grave: C transformation from plant roots to microbes to mineral surfaces
Jennifer Pett-Ridge*, Shengjing Shi, Erin Nuccio, Marco Keiluweit, Donald J. Herman, Eoin L. Brodie, Markus Kleber, Peter Nico, Mary K. Firestone [United States]

Home-field advantage: the role of specialized decomposers in accelerating decomposition processes
Ciska Veen*, David Wardle [the Netherlands]

Degradation of Australian native perennial grasslands influences rhizosphere carbon and soil nitrogen cycling
Mark Farrell*, Courtney Creamer, Suzanne Prober [Australia]

The effect of mycorrhizal fungi on root litter fate in soil at short and intermediate time-scale
Erik Verbruggen*, Jan Jansa, Edith C. Hammer, Matthias C. Rillig [Belgium]

The role of mycorrhizal fungi in the buildup and breakdown of SOM
Mark Smits*, Karina Clemmensen, Björn Lindahl, David Wardle, Robert Carleer, Jan Colpaert [Belgium]

Diversity of root exudate consumers in the rhizosphere of young beech is affected by soil nitrogen availability
Silvia Gschwendtner*, Susanne Kublik, Michael Schloter [Germany]

* Presenting author