Engineering the Rhizosphere - Oral presentations

Below you find a list of the selected orals for the contributed session Engineering the Rhizosphere. The session will be on Monday 22 June, from 10am-11am.

Convenor talk by Paul Schulze Lefert [Germany]: Abstract TBA

Convenor talk
Gnotobiotic plant systems and synthetic bacterial communities to define root microbiota functions
Yang Bai, Nina Dombrowski, Stephane Hacquard, Kei Hiruma, Ruben Garridoo, Girish Srinivas, Alice Mc Hardy, Paul Schulze-Lefert* [Germany]

Biogeography of microbial phosphorus solubilization and applications to improve crop yields
Peter Baas*, Colin Bell, Lauren Mancini, Melanie Lee, Richard Conant, Matthew Wallenstein [United States]

Helping the quorum-quenching biocontrol agents using biostimulation
Denis Faure*, Jérémy Cigna, Anthony Kwasiborski, Pauline Dewaegeneire, Amélie Beury [France]

 * Presenting author