Conference Center

Maastricht Exposition and Congress Centre organises and facilitates conferences, exhibitions and events in a multifunctional and intimate conference and exhibition centre with European allure, where custom-designed services are offered along with the chance for people to actually meet each other in the ambience so typical of Maastricht.

Maastricht is located in the Rhine-Meuse Euregion, which makes MECC Maastricht highly accessible. The conference centre is easy to reach by train from all major cities. Maastricht is located where large European motorways meet, and the conference centre is located for all intents and purposes on the motorway. MECC Maastricht is also within one hour's drive of a large number of airports.

Contact Details:

Forum 100
6229 GV Maastricht
Telephone: +31 (0)43 38 38 383