Nutrient Acquisition - Oral presentations

Below you find a list of the selected orals for the contributed session Nutrient Acquisition. There will be two sessions on Nutrient Acquisition. 

Monday 22 June, from 3.30pm - 5.30pm

Rhizosphere microbial activities and mycorrhizal status of maize genotypes as affected by phosphorus fertilization under field conditions
Ran Erel, Annette Bérard, Lidia Campos-Soriano, Line Capowiez, Claude Doussan, Ghislain Sévenier, Didier Arnal, Marcel Bach, Gérard Souche, Blanca San Segundo, Philippe Hinsinger* [France]

Growth condition and P mobilizing properties of cluster roots of Helicia cochinchinensis (Proteaceae) at Miyajima Island, Japan
Jun Wasaki*, Taiki Yamauchi, Jin Takahashi, Hayato Maruyama, Shinji Uchida, Seiji Mukai, Hiromi Tsubota [Japan]

Morphological variations are main adaptive responses in maize roots to low phosphorus availability
Chunjian Li, Haitao Liu* [China]

Impact of bio-effectors to promote maize growth and nutrient uptake from alternative phosphorous fertilizers in organically managed soils
Cécile Thonar*, Sarah Symanczik, Florian Walder, Alessandro Piccolo, Vincenza Cozzolino, Martin Kulhánek, Andreas de Neergaard, Jonas Duus Stevens Lekfeldt, Martin Rex, Markus Weinmann, Günter Neumann, Paul Mäder [Switzerland]

Cluster roots of Embothrium coccineum (Proteaceae) affect enzyme activities and phosphorus lability in rhizosphere soil
Mabel Delgado*, Alejandra Zúñiga-Feest, Leonardo Almonacid, Hans Lambers, Fernando Borie [Chile]

Does wheat regulate adaptations of soil phosphorus acquisition synchronously with increasing shoot P concentration?
Qi Shen*, Zhihui Wen, Haigang Li, Jianbo Shen [China]

Are hotspots of plant and of microbial organic phosphorus mineralization in the rhizosphere spatially separated?
Marie Spohn*, Michal Cormann, Yakov Kuzyakov, Michael Schloter, Nicole Simone Treichel, Doreen Fischer [Germany]

Positive interactions between a P-mobilizing (Embothrium coccineum) and a N-fixing species (Sophora microphylla) on volcanic soils in Southern South America
Alejandra Zúñiga-Feest*, Susana Valle, Angela Bustos-Salazar, Mabel Delgado, Frida Piper [Chile]

Tuesday 23 June, from 10am - 12pm 

Root exudate effects on zinc availability to plants
Ellis Hoffland*, Sjoerd Van der Zee, Andreas Duffner, Hans Meeussen [the Netherlands]

Iron deficiency-induced root exudation of coumarins in Prunus rootstocks grown at high pH
Ana Alvarez-Fernandez*, Yolanda Gogorcena, Javier Abadia, Anunciacion Abadia [Spain]

Analysis of a rice mutant with altered root system architecture in a nutrient-dependent manner
Toru Fujiwara*, Yoshihiro Ohomori, Ryohei Yoshinaga, Nobuhiro Tanaka [Japan]

Focusing or broadening the spectrum of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal symbionts - What is better for plant nutrition and biomass production?
Hannes Gamper*, Muhammad Ali, Renata Slavíková, Emmanuel Frossard [Switzerland]

Maize root and rhizoshere responses to nutrient patches under progressing topsoil drought - trade-offs and constraints
Eric Visser*, Christian Fritz, Dina in 't Zandt, Chantal Le Marié, Andreas Hund, Lidia Campos, Blanca San Segundo, Philippe Hinsinger, Claude Doussan, Annette Bérard [the Netherlands]

Mineral nutrition of campos rupestres plant species on contrasting nutrient-impoverished soil types
Rafael Oliveira*, Hugo Galvão, Mariana de Campos, Cleiton Eller, Stuart Pearse, Hans Lambers [Brazil]

Uptake of asparagine and inorganic nitrogen in inoculated and non-inoculated white clover plants
Weronika Graj*, Sandra Jämtgård, Torgny Näsholm, Jim Rasmussen, Mogens Nicolaisen, Inge Fomsgaard

Image based modelling of nutrient uptake by root hairs
Keith Daly*, Sam Keyes, Shakil Masum, Tiina Roose [United Kingdom] 

* Presenting author