Root-Root Interactions - Oral presentations

Below you find a list of the selected orals for the contributed session Root-Root Interactions. The session will be on Tuesday 23 June, from 4.30pm-5.30pm.

Managing root-root interactions in the undisturbed soils of modern farming systems
John Kirkegaard*, Michelle Watt, Rosemary White, Alan Richardson, Margaret McCully, Suzanne Donn [Australia]

Deciphering the interplay between plant diversity, root production and soil-borne fungal communities
Liesje Mommer*, T.E. Anne Cotton, Jos M. Raaijmakers, Aad Termorshuizen, Jasper van Ruijven, Marloes Hendriks, Alex J. Dumbrell [the Netherlands]

Belowground species recognition among Brassicaceae allows differential responses in gene transcription and root distribution
Maik Bartelheimer* [Germany]

Spatial heterogeneity in P availability induced in maize/faba bean mixtures enhances maize growth by regulating root complementarity and rhizosphere processes
Deshan Zhang*, Qinghua Ma, Hongbo Li, Fusuo Zhang, Jianbo Shen [China]

* Presenting author