Towards Application - Oral presentations

Below you find a list of the selected orals for the contributed session Towards Application. The session will take place on Wednesday 24 June, from 10pm- 12pm.

Improving nutrient acquisition efficience in rice: Can we target specific rhizosphere mechanisms?
Matthias Wissuwa*, Asako Mori, Erine Shimamura, Vincent Pujol, Michael T Rose [Japan]

Fluorescent Pseudomonas spp. and cyclic lipopeptide diversity in the cocoyam rhizosphere and their relation with soil suppressiveness against the root rot disease caused by Pythium myriotylum
Feyisara E. Olorunlege, Niels Geudens, José C. Martins, Monica Höfte* [Belgium]

No trade-off between root biomass and aboveground production in Lolium perenne
Joachim Deru*, Henk Schilder, Jan Rinze Van der Schoot, Nick Van Eekeren [the Netherlands]

How is the abundance of plant beneficial pseudomonads influenced by soil management practices?
Francesca Dennert*, Nicola Imperiali, Dmitri Mavrodi, Olga Mavrodi, Marcel van der Heijden, Paul Mäder, Raphael Charles, Fabio Mascher, Christoph Keel, Monika Maurhofer Bringolf [Switzerland]

Cover crops store more N when considering the total below-ground biomass
Florian Wichern*, Martin Johannes Kanders, Clara Berendonk, Christian Fritz [Germany]

DARWIN 21: A global knowledge base of desert rhizosphere microbes and their roles in plant stress tolerance
Maged Saad*, Axel de Zelicourt, Feras Lafi, Heribert Hirt [Saudi Arabia]

Continuous electricity generation in a plant microbial fuel cell by oxidizing rhizodeposits
Koen Wetser*, David Strik, Cees Buisman [the Netherlands]

Rhizosphere management for improving nutrient use efficiency and yield in intensive maize production in China
Jianbo Shen*, Qinghua Ma, Deshan Zhang, Hongbo Li, Fusuo Zhang [China]

* Presenting author