Water Relations - Oral presentations

Below you find a list of the selected orals for the contributed session Water Relations. The session will take place on Tuesday 23 June, from 11am - 12pm.

Root age distribution: How does it matter in plant processes? A focus on water uptake
Doris Vetterlein*, Claude Doussan* [Germany/France]

Simulating root trait evolution in a functional structural plant model: effect of spatial and temporal water availability
Pieter Poot*, Michael Renton [Australia]

The importance of mucilage for water uptake of maize roots
Mutez Ahmed*, Mohsen Zarebanadkouki, Andrea Carminati [Germany]

Development of root-soil contact and gap formation of Vicia faba in drying soil
Nicolai Koebernick*, Steffen Schlüter, Sebastian Blaser, Doris Vetterlein [Germany]

* Presenting author